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My main characters on WoW are Zepsi, Ninwyn and Drendari.

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Do the thing, I’ve been stuck in a drawing rut for DAYYYYS AND I WANT TO GET OUT OF IT



That’s what I think, anyways.






Watch the inspirational video of this quadriplegic who plays and streams Diablo 3

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I’ve been watching this guy’s livestreams for a few days now. He’s super positive and really nice to all his viewers, answering everything he can. Also considering his abilities he is really good at Diablo III and WoW. Like the fact that I could have been playing WoW with people like him and getting my ass handed to me by them is part of the reason I appreciate video games as a form of therapy.

"I’m really feeling good about myself!"

This makes me SO happy. Amazing!


Wow… Depressing, but also really inspirational. Good for him.

dregtalstormblast asked: What does Zepsi Kola taste like? (the drink, you perverts!)


Actually, Zepsi’s drinks and other products have the brand name of “Fizpop,” not “Kola.” :P A lot of people mix that up. Since it’s weird to… like… be drinking or eating something that’s your name. >.> The name of her business is “Kola Company.”

As for what it tastes like? Amazing. Liquid awesome. At a reasonable price and at a store near you! So what are you waiting for?! Buy one now and get a second free!

… *coughcough* Right, well then.

She has a variety of different types or drinks all in different flavors. Though her first “original” flavored drink would taste like a balance between Coca Cola and Pepsi, something like that.

There’s not “Kaja’mite” in her drink. It’s all made with natural and high quality ingredients and flavors. Some of her other flavors include: Cherry, Citrus, Melon, Apple, annnd so on. With the help of her expertise in alchemy, she enjoys the challenge of making new and good tasting drinks and flavors.

Truth Train Thursday


Time to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Oh and you’ll get a question back.

Happy birthday, samuraioctopus!

Made this real fast, hope it’s okay. >.> Annnd hope you have a great and fun day! Eat lots of CAKE! 

Gogogogogogo! (Listen to that for the GIF *flops*)


a stupid icon of my gnome, niffy

Yay Gnomes! :D

Interest Check: Warcraft ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Idea


Hello everyone.

I wanted to present an idea for an OOC event that Moon Guard and connected realms could do. So that’d be Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord, Farstriders, and others (that I can’t recall at the moment, not sure where the list is)

As everyone has probably seen and heard lately, there have been a ton of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges done lately. Both famous people and your average joe are getting involved.

What I’d like to do is do an “Ice Bucket Challenge” event for World of Warcraft, at least those in our servers.

My idea would need A LOT of mages primarily, but other classes can come too. The mages would need to be high enough to do certain spells. I’ll go more in-depth on the idea later.

I’d also be willing to donate one dollar for each person who joins (up to 100, I unfortunately am low on funds at the moment, so I can’t donate much more than that). Anyone else who would like to donate to the ALS charity is more than welcome to. Along with credit to each person who donates and attends/helps.

I’d like to make this big to help further spread awareness. We could record it and place it on Youtube and so on. I know it’s not the same as doing the real thing, but at least it’s something. Better than nothing.

So for a good cause, would anyone be interested in this? Need Mages, but other classes can join in too.

There is no set date yet, but as soon as we get enough interested people, I’d want to try and do it. So maybe within the month or so? We’ll see. Even if we only get a few, I’d still like to do something.

Reblogging so hopefully more can see. If you’re interested in it, please reblog it too. I’d like to get the word around. Thank you!

And for those who have shown interest, I’ll make another post later to get into the stages of planning, organizing, etc.

justsavagethings asked: Tauren or Pandaren to date, that is. Sorry for not clarifying.

… >.> … … … Is there an option for “neither”? XD Errr… Zepsi IC wouldn’t date either… BUT… if she HAD to choose one over the other?… Then… uhhhh… Pandaren… I guess….



digitalbeeblog asked: unf gurl, unf!

fnu lrug, fnu!

… I need to figure out what to draw now. D: