Hello there! This is my main dorky blog. I play a bunch of games, though this will be mainly used for World of Warcraft stuff... just heavily Legend of Zelda / Link themed. >.>

My main characters on WoW are Zepsi, Ninwyn and Drendari.

Blacklist the tag "gene imo" if you don't want to have text posts/reblogs with my opinions on them.

Check below for my Art blog and links to other sites.

So… this is a couple of months old, and it’s far from perfect/great… But I’m still pretty proud of it. I did this within a week or so for a chance of getting a 9000 dollar scholarship at my new digital arts college. The ‘project’ was to design a venue poster of a band of our choice. I chose the band “Steam Powered Giraffe” (Look them up, they’re awesome). The only thing that isn’t mine are the textures of the background and the font at the bottom. I made the fringe, cogs, top font, robotic giraffe (though I did look at a real giraffe for reference) and the band members (looked at pictures of their faces for references too), layout, etc. If I had more time to finish this, I would have definitely cleaned it up and made it better. Did this all in Photoshop CS5. - Oh, and I was awarded the 9000 dollars. :) I was so happy. ^_^  Deviantart link: http://fav.me/d6ckk6h

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