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Omg. I was on Wildstar, leveling and exploring in Celestion on my newbie Stalker and randomly came across this place. It’s called Harehallow (marked it on the map) and does a spoof off of Alice in Wonderland.

You eat a mushroom at the entrance to this cave and turn super tiny. There’s a White Jabbit, Hookah Smoking Splorg, and Lyress Tealeaf at the tea table with his stuffed animals. 

This was super cute and made me laugh. For those on Wildstar who haven’t been here yet, I highly recommend visiting. You also get an achievement and some Decor items for your house from getting a chest in there (Curious Purple Mushroom and Cup of Tea).

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    I was so confused when this happened to me. And then the village with all of the… wierd… lollipops? That was what it was...
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    I’ve been thinking of hosting some kind of impromptu tea party in there on one of my Aurin explorers (you need to be an...
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    That was one of my favorite discoveries during beta! I need to get back there during live to say hi to the best easter...
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